Ceramic Coatings

Have you wondered how certain vehicles always look glossy and relatively clean even after a rainy day?  It is most likely because those vehicles have had Ceramic Coating applied.  Ceramic-Coated vehicles, even while dusty and dirty, always stand out due to the nature and properties of Si02. 

 Ceramic Coating Benefits:

Enhanced Gloss

Added UV Protection

Cleaner Vehicle day to day and with the added ease of maintenance washes due to hydrophobic properties

Fine Scratch and Swirl Resistance

 Extended Durability over waxes and sealants

The JJs Elite Details team understands that in order to properly apply a coating, all surfaces must be properly prepped. For enhanced durability, the vehicle must receive some level of polishing "Paint Correction".  For this reason, this service will exhibit (Starting at) for prices and will be quoted and scheduled only after a free in-person vehicle inspection.