Paint Correction Service

Paint Correction is a service performed in the umbrella category of Detailing and is the process of removing defects from the surface of a vehicle be it a clear coat or single-stage paint. This is not a "buff job". Paint Corrections take time and experience to perform properly and shortcuts are not acceptable.  Not only will varying degrees of defects e.g., swirls, scratches, marring, and oxidation be removed but we guarantee you'll feel confident showing off your enhanced ride! 

We keep our services as simple as possible and keep packages to a minimum to ensure we do not overwhelm you with information. To assist, we have provided a few sample images below. Matching your vehicle's defects with the images would give you a starting point as to which type of service your vehicle can benefit from. The image title is the level of service the vehicle would need to accomplish 75-95% correction levels. We also practice safe polishing methods when performing such service and if your vehicle's clear coat does not measure in the safe zone, then we will guide you through the next step and options you may have. We are very easy to speak with and are eager to share information with you, we encourage you to book a no-fee inspection with us for a catered-to-you session where we can break down steps, options, and meanings of certain terms if new to high-end automotive detailing. 

1 Step Enhancement

2 Step Paint Correction

3 Step Paint Correction

Customized Correction Services